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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my child try ballroom dancing?

Ballroom dancing has lifetime benefits for your child! It supports the positive development of self-confidence, respect, good manners, cooperation and social skills. Your child will make new friends, create memories, exercise and most importantly – have a great time! Ballroom Dancing is a fun and challenging social activity for all ages and abilities!

Can my child try a class to see if he/she likes ballroom dancing before signing up?

Absolutely! We invite all new students to come and try out our beginner class for free! If your child has a great time, (and we know he/she will!) we will enroll them in the appropriate class, and the monthly fee would begin on the 1st of the next month.

When and where are the competitions, and does my child have to compete?

Definitely not. Ballroom Dancing can be social OR competitive - whichever you and your child find most appropriate for your needs. However, if your child would like to compete, the competitions are year-round and in various locations. Our most popular competitions are within driving distance - VA, NC, MD, and Washington, DC, but the opportunity is available to travel to further destinations if you choose.

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